Introduction|Safety Data Sheets and Container Labels|Toxins, Corrosives, and Irritants|Flammables, Combustibles, and Gases|Carcinogens and Radiation|Exposure Situations|Personal Protective Equipment and Storage|Spills and Clean-up|Review

Course Description

While you may have heard of OSHA’s Hazard Communication, or HazCom, standard, you may not have thought about how it affects you. Items such as ordinary cleansers can be toxic, flammable, and otherwise very harmful, and without the Hazard Communications standard, you would be unaware of the potential dangers. This Video On Demand training delves further into the HazCom standard, exploring various threats such as corrosives, combustibles, and carcinogens, among others. Not only will you learn about these materials, but you will also be instructed on the proper PPE to wear while dealing with them, as well as the proper procedures to follow should you ever encounter a spill situation. Ultimately, the primary form of protection is knowledge; knowledge of how to interact with these substances, and the knowledge of how to deal with a potentially hazardous situation should it arise. Gain such knowledge here, and gain the understanding of how to better protect yourself while on the job.