Introduction|Why Use Safety Data Sheets|SDS Sections 1 – 8|SDS Sections 9 – 16|Conclusion

Course Description

Employees learn about how Safety Data Sheets implemented under the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of hazard communication helps keep them safe when working with hazardous chemicals. The new Safety Data Sheets contain 16 sections of information on each hazardous chemical and relate directly to the GHS labels. Emphasis is given to the first eight sections of the SDS, which anyone who works with chemicals need to know. This fast-paced video explains why employees should read an SDS before they work with a chemical the first time, and motivates viewers to understand the information contained on the SDS. By transforming the workplace Hazard Communication Program, the GHS SDS standard helps keep workers safe. However, workers must be properly trained to use and understand an SDS for them to benefit from the safe work practices described.