Introduction|Types of Powered Industrial Trucks|Proper Forklift Operation|Collisions|Preventing Injury to Others|Preventing Injury to Yourself|Rated Capacity|Preventing Tip Overs|Areas to Inspect|Conclusion

Course Description

Because of their versatility, powered industrial trucks, forklifts or lift trucks are used at a wide range of workplaces, but because of unqualified and poorly trained operators accidents involving these vehicles occur. With this step-by-step training video explore accidents stemming from improper use and storage of forklifts and how to avoid these situations with proper safety precautions. With forklifts, pedestrians and users are susceptible to accidents like being crushed between the truck and a solid standing object, being struck by material on a raised load, being struck when stored items become unstable, and injury while riding on a lift truck. The program graphically shows the property damage, personal injury and even death that can result from misuse, all while demonstrating how to avoid these situations with proper safety measures.