Introduction|Types of Powered Industrial Trucks|Proper Forklift Operation|Collisions|Preventing Injury to Others|Preventing Injury to Yourself|Rated Capacity|Preventing Tip Overs|Areas to Inspect|Conclusion

Course Description

Powered industrial trucks, forklifts or lift trucks are commonly used in a wide range of workplaces, but when accidents involving these vehicles occur the results can be dramatic and deadly. With this step-by-step online training video, workers see incidents of improper forklift use and the graphic results of these behaviors. The course demonstrates how to avoid these situations with proper safety precautions. Because of their power and versatility, forklifts are in use on many jobsites, but those same features are what make them hazardous if improperly used. The program shows how the unsafe use of forklifts causes property damage, personal injury and even death. Use this graphic online training video to demonstrate the risks and safety procedures to consider when using or working near a forklift or other powered-industrial truck.