Introduction|Triangle of Stability|Stability Triangle Factors|Stability|Load Handling and Stacking|Tips For Safety|Conclusion

Course Description

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), someone is either injured or killed every three days due to a forklift-related incident. This equates to 95,000 injuries each year. Therefore, integral to the utmost safety and efficiency of a workplace is a complete understanding of proper forklift operating procedures. The training video, Forklift Safety: Stability Triangle accordingly illustrates best practices for stacking and maneuvering loads up inclines, through slippery surfaces and around pedestrians. Specifically, it explains how unbalanced loads unseat the center of gravity between three “stability triangle” points on the vehicle. Use this training course to teach workers the importance of the stability triangle and how their understanding is crucial to safely operate a forklift.