Introduction|What makes Forklifts ‘Different’|Driving a Forklift Safely|Using the Mast and Forks|Operating Safely in the Workplace|Inspecting a Forklift|Fueling and Recharging Safely|Conclusion

Course Description

Driving and operating an industrial counterbalance lift truck, or forklift, takes both skill and responsibility. In order to use a forklift safely, one needs to understand the machine’s limitations. This training course delivers the necessary guidelines and precautions for using the most common type of forklift. Forklift operators learn about the stability triangle and how to use it in order to keep a forklift stable under different operating conditions. The use of the forks and mast is discussed, as well as how to operate the forklift safely while driving it in and around the workplace. Learn the importance and basics of safe forklift operation and inspection with this training.