Introduction|Eye Injuries|Cuts and Burns|Strains and Breaks|Heat Illnesses|Choking|Heart Emergencies|Review

Course Description

No matter how many precautions we take on the job, accidents can still happen. Accidents happen every day, and your workers should learn what they can do to help themselves and their co-workers. With this online training course, your construction employees learn to recognize symptoms of illness or injury, first aid basics, and how to act quickly in case of an incident. Through this course, workers understand the daily hazards to watch out for while working. They learn how to react to these common types of injuries: eye injuries, cuts, blisters, burns, strains, breaks, and choking. This course also places an emphasis on heart-related emergencies and the importance of knowing how to care for a victim before medical professionals arrive. Use this online training video and prepare workers to use first aid basics when reacting to medical emergencies on the job site.