Introduction|What Causes Things to Burn?|Extinguishing Fires|What To Do When a Fire Occurs|Evacuating|Preventing Fires|Electrical Hazards|Review

Course Description

As hospitals are concentrated with oxygen and flammable gases like cyclopean, the spark of a lighter or an overloaded electrical outlet may be cause for disaster. It is important for everyone working in your healthcare facility to be able to recognize and remedy fire hazards, as well as know how to handle an emergency situation should a fire break out. Through reenactments, the program additionally illustrates the R.A.C.E. procedure (rescue, alarm, confine, extinguish) for handling emergency situations. An emphasis on patient safety is modeled throughout the presentation. Use this online training to educate your employees to recognize fire hazards, correct dangerous situations and respond to fire emergencies if they should occur at your healthcare facility.