Introduction|Ignition Sources|Flashpoints|Classes of Fire|Extinguishing Fires|Handling Flammable Materials Safely|Sparks|Welding, Electrical Equipment & Smoking|Alarms & Evacuation|Review

Course Description

When it comes to fire safety, workers need to know how to prevent fires and safely react should one occur. This online video reviews and provides information needed for fire prevention and management if a blaze does break out. The video addresses ignition sources, classes of fires, ways to extinguish flames and safe handling of flammable materials. The program combines this information with job-specific pointers for workers using welding and electrical equipment, paying special attention to the unique fire risks these jobs pose, as well as the threats caused by sparks and static electricity. Because some fires are unavoidable, the video informs users of proper measures in case of emergency including information on extinguisher use, alarm systems and evacuation procedures. This training video stresses the importance of prevention, while preparing workers to handle an incident should one occur.