Introduction|Who Is Affected|How the Eye Works|Eyestrain|Contact Lenses|Hazards and PPE|Eye Injuries|Review

Course Description

The online training video “Eye Safety” teaches employees the importance of wearing appropriate eye protection. Over 100,000 people are disabled due to eye injuries every year. This video details eye anatomy, the major components of the eye and how they can be damaged. The video training discusses how improper lighting, long hours doing close focus work or using video monitors can cause eye strain. The video explains how improved lighting, anti-glare screens and simple eye exercises can alleviate these problems. The online course illustrates the various types of injuries that can affect the eye. This includes debris, chemical splashes and exposure to gases. The course trains workers to protect the eye from risks by using the proper personal protection equipment (PPE). This video training helps employees and employers create a safer workplace by reducing the potential for devastating eye injuries.