Introduction|Answering a Business Call|Putting a Caller on Hold|Thanking the Caller for Holding|Monogramming the Call|Avoiding Excuses|Giving Spoken Feedback Signals|Being Prepared|Controlling the Conversation|Avoiding Mouth Noises|Leaving a Positive Last Impression|Review

Course Description

This online video training class educates viewers on the necessary skills for creating positive customer interactions on the telephone. Nancy Friedman, the Telephone Doctor, explores examples of good and bad common phone interactions with customers. This course demonstrates the proper ways to answer a business call, put a customer on hold, and other scenarios employees are likely to encounter when dealing with the public. Business phone calls are critical to maintaining customer relationships. It is essential all employees learn how to properly answer and handle business phone calls. This training prepares employees to turn every phone call into a positive experience for your customers.