Introduction|What Is Ergonomics?|The Human Body|Hand and Wrist|Arm and Shoulder|Back and Neck|Lifting Procedures and Exercise|Review

Course Description

Proper knowledge of ergonomics can help employees safely and efficiently do their jobs by limiting exposure to pain and injury. With this step-by-step online training video, workers learn how ergonomics relate to their work area, the types of tools they use and their bodies. A proper match of body and workplace can make work physically easier and help avoid ergonomic injuries. The program demonstrates how an understanding of body mechanics and tools work together helps workers recognize the risks posed by repetitive motion and overly heavy loads. Proper work techniques and exercise helps ensure safety by preparing workers’ bodies to weather the necessary stresses of the work day. Help employees avoid accidents and long-term health conditions leading to lost productivity and costly medical bills by providing this online training on industrial ergonomics.