Introduction to Safety|Introduction to PPE|Hearing Protection|Hand Protection|Head Protection|Eye Protection|Foot Protection|Respiratory Protection|Material Handling|Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls|Forklifts and Pedestrians|Hazard Communication|Lockout-Tagout|Bloodborne Pathogens|Emergency Response|Injury Reporting|Conclusion

Course Description

One of the most important things about a new job starts on day one, and must become a constant, ongoing process: safety. This course teaches new workers the basic safety rules, as well as advice on how to reduce their risk on the job. This course starts by demonstrating to workers how to protect themselves at work using different types of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). This course also discusses the everyday dangers present in your workplace. Some modules discuss the handling of hazardous materials, preventing slips, trips, and falls, forklift safety, hazard communication, lockout-tagout, and bloodborne pathogen risks. Workers also learn the necessary precautions they need to take when dealing with emergencies or injuries. The procedures and advice presented in this course, when properly applied, help keep the work environment a safe place.