Course Description

We have all had that feeling; we think we sent the perfect e-mail, only to discover a glaring error we just didn’t see before hitting send. While we all occasionally make mistakes, there could be unintended consequences of sending a business e-mail with errors in it; for example, a customer may lose confidence in you and your company. The easiest way to address this issue is to proofread your message before you send it. This course demonstrates how to take an extra minute to check for spelling errors, proper sentence structure, and coherent context. Use this course to learn how to proofread your emails and avoid an awkward moment with a co-worker or customer. This course is part of the Email Matters series. While most of us have figured out how to send and receive emails by now, there are some nuances of this form of communication that are not common sense. These short vignettes demonstrate specific practices for crafting professional and effective business emails. These tips help users create great customer service experiences and build business relationships with colleagues.