Course Description

When composing a business e-mail, you must consider your tone and style. You don’t want it to be too formal, and it should also not be too relaxed. This course demonstrates how to adopt the proper tone in your emails, known as “business friendly.” The other thing to consider is your objective in sending the message. Learn how to determine your objective, as well as what several potential objectives may be, through this video lesson. The course uses example emails to show you the good and bad when it comes to email composition. By learning how to properly compose a business e-mail, you will create more targeted, and effective, business communications. This course is part of the Email Matters series. While most of us have figured out how to send and receive emails by now, there are some nuances of this form of communication that are not common sense. These short vignettes demonstrate specific practices for crafting professional and effective business emails. These tips help users create great customer service experiences and build business relationships with colleagues.