Introduction|The Basics|Circuits & Flow|Recognizing and Avoiding Hazards|Special Environments|Dealing With an Electrical Accident|Conclusion

Course Description

Electricity powers everyday life and drives productivity in the workplace, but it can also kill or injure. This training video provides an excellent refresher course on the basics of electrical safety. Fundamentals, such as amps currents, volts and circuits are reviewed, as is the concept of grounding. Workplace safety includes inspecting wiring insulation on power tools and equipment, safe circuit loads, and using properly rated extension cords. This course demonstrates the use of personal protective equipment, such as insulated gloves and hardhats. Viewer learn to respect electricity by exhibiting safe work practices, using protective equipment, inspecting tools, reporting unsafe conditions, and allowing a qualified person to make repairs. This video should be viewed by anyone who uses machines or power hand tools, or works in near electrical equipment to prevent injury or death by wayward electricity.