Introduction|The Qualified Worker|Approach Boundaries|Shock Hazard of Electricity|Voltage-Rated Gloves and PPE|Arc Flash Hazard of Electricity|The Arc Flash Boundary|Arc Flash Protection|Electrically Safe Working Condition|Verifying an Electrically Safe Working Condition|Exceptions to Allow Energized Work|Conclusion

Course Description

Qualified workers must understand the many hazards presented by working with energized parts and know how to protect themselves through safe practices. Reviewing everything from approach boundaries to arc flash protection, this program uses narrated video clips to demonstrate best electrical safety practices. Protective clothing is investigated, specifically when it comes to working around possible arc flash situations. Voltage-rated gloves are also looked at. Because working conditions are important when working around electrical equipment, this program verifies electrical safety working conditions and exceptions to allow energized work in the best possible situations. Use this highly informative training program to keep qualified workers at the top of their safety game.