Introduction|The Power of Arc Flash|Who’s Looking Out For Me?|Am I At Risk?|Everyone Plays A Role In Safety

Course Description

Not only is an electrical arc flash a short circuit through the air, but it is a dangerous hazard electrical workers may be exposed to. Serious accidents or fatalities may result from arc flashes. This video explains the causes and dangers of electrical arc flashes. It teaches about the industry standards as required by the NFPA and the National Electric Code to protect workers. Workers will learn how to be aware of their risks and how to help reduce accident and injury related to direct or indirect electrical contact. Viewers will be informed about OSHA recommended safety practices and The Standard for Electrical Safety Requirements for Employee Workplaces which lists the actions required for companies to be in compliance with federal standards. Workers who use the practices demonstrated in this video lessen their risk of being injured by an electrical arc flash in an energized work site.