Introduction|It’s Just A Few Seconds|What’s A Distraction|A Distracted Driving Collision|Taking Control|Conclusion

Course Description

Distracted driving is the cause of up to 50 percent of vehicle collisions annually, with at least three distracted driving crashes occurring every minute of every day. Drivers who are multi-tasking cause $40 to $80 billion in economic losses every year, not to mention an untold amount human suffering through severe injuries or death. This online video training presents strategies for eliminating or avoiding self-created distractions, and supplies ways to handle uncontrollable distractions. A poignant interview with a once-vibrant and vital young woman whose cell phone conversation behind the wheel distracted her from driving shows how a moment’s distraction can have life-altering consequences. Drivers today are presented with an abundance of technological devices to distract them from driving, and high-pressure lifestyles encourage people to “make the most of their drive time.” This video stresses that by focusing on anything else besides driving you are endangering your own life and the lives of everyone around you.