Introduction|The Toll of Distracted Driving|It’s Just A Few Seconds|What’s a Distraction?|Consequences of Distracted Driving|Controlling Distractions|Bus Operator Procedures|Taking Control|Conclusion

Course Description

It is important to pay full attention when driving because of the consequences you could face while distracted behind the wheel. People are constantly multi-tasking while driving and this is hazardous. Use this course to learn how to avoid the distractions of driving transit vehicles. The course demonstrates this with a scenario of an accident involving two distracted people, who do not realize they were the cause of the accident. Also, there is a real-life account of a woman whose life was dramatically changed for the worse after a car accident caused by her talking on her cell phone. Overall, this training reminds drivers to focus only on the road, and not let distractions affect their driving safety.