Introduction|Observing the Driver|Coaching the Driver|Driving Expectations|Conclusion

Course Description

Supervisors have many critical responsibilities within a company, but one of the most critical is to manage the performance of their employees, and in this case, their drivers. It is integral to ensure your employees’ safety, as any mishap may reflect poorly on both you and your company. Experts say almost all accidents are avoidable; learn not only what safe driving practices are through the material presented in this video, but also how to make sure your employees follow those practices. While coaching your drivers can be difficult, as many are out on the road for the majority of the day, the lesson presented here will educate you on the steps to take to ensure good driving habits become a priority. Utilize the information within this video to recognize what it is that makes a safe and defensive driver, and then instill those qualities in your employees. After all, safe driving is good business.