Introduction|Recognizing Hazardous Materials|Shipping Papers and SDS|Proper Work Practices|Preparing for Transport|Emergency Response|Handling HAZMAT Incidents|First Aid Procedures|Conclusion

Course Description

Hazardous materials are used in various businesses every single day. However, these dangerous materials can cause trouble if they are not handled in a serious manner, especially during transportation. This training program informs the viewer how to handle hazardous materials before, during, and after transfer. Additionally, the viewer is shown ways to recognize different categories of materials based on classes and identification signs such as shipping papers. As hazardous materials are dangerous inside the workplace and out, this video details proper work practices as well as preparing the viewer for the transportation of said materials. Personal safety is a must in this training, and emergency response tactics are shown in detail for several different situations, including HAZMAT incidents. This video is perfect for those individuals looking to provide a safer work environment when around dangerous, hazardous materials.