Introduction|The Legal Issues|Conflict in the Workplace|A Broader View of… Language & Accent|A Broader View of… Religion|A Broader View of… Race & Ethnicity|In the Middle|Getting the Spirit|Conclusion

Course Description

Stereotypes are often based on misguided and incorrect notions that certain groups of individuals act in certain ways, or that because a specific individual belongs to one of those groups he or she will act accordingly. These stereotypes and generalizations can create powerful barriers between people and prevent them from working effectively together. This Video On Demand teaches you how to identify misguided stereotypes and resolve them in order to better serve your employer, as well as your customers. Stereotypes can concern a multitude of things, from religion and ethnicity to culture and language. Regardless of the source of the stereotype, they all can significantly impact your workplace. They can even have legal implications. A harmonious and diverse workplace is something that can be difficult to achieve, but with the information presented here, it will become far easier. And when this is accomplished, you, your coworkers, your employer, and your customers, all benefit.