Introduction|Substances That Are Often Abused|Alcohol, Marijuana and Other Depressants|Stimulants and Narcotics|How People Get Hooked|Drug Dependency|Becoming a Substance Abuser|Alcohol and Drug Policies|Overcoming Substance Abuse|Conclusion

Course Description

Drug and alcohol abuse can affect anyone; whether it is you personally, a family member, or someone you know. Individuals who are addicted often start out believing they are in control, only to find out they are the ones being ruled by the substances they are using. While addiction can certainly damage one’s personal life, it can also negatively impact their workplace and the people around them. In this training, you will learn about the hazards of addiction, various substances to which one can become addicted, the effects it has on the workplace, and how it can be prevented. Many kinds of substances can be abused, and each type poses a different risk to those under the influence, and others around them, while on the job. This course demonstrates the affects different substances have on employees and the unique dangers they pose. Utilize the materials provided in this training lesson, recognize the signs of addiction and what you can do to help prevent it, and thus create a safer workplace.