Introduction|Types of Negativity|Recognize and Take Responsibility for Attitudes|Diagnose Attitude and Focus on the Behavior|Behavior Impacts Team Goals|Acknowledge Underlying Causes|Clarify Values|Replace Old Reactions|Practice New Responses|Address Stressful Situations|Follow Up and Model Good Behavior|Conclusion

Course Description

Negative behavior in the workplace is a contagion; it shatters morale, crushes team cohesion and casts a dark cloud on the work environment. The remedies for many bad attitude symptoms are uncovered in this online training video. This video training program ignites the desire to improve workplace conduct. Some of the remedies included in this program are taking personal responsibility for your attitude, focus on changing behaviors (not people), recognize the impact on team goals, address underlying causes, clarify personal values, replace old reactions, and practice new responses. Employees who are able to recognize toxic behaviors quickly are also able to work toward resolutions more swiftly diminishing the impact on other co-workers.