Introduction|Types of Negativity|Recognize and Take Responsibility for Attitudes|Diagnose Attitude and Focus on the Behavior|Behavior Impacts Team Goals|Acknowledge Underlying Causes|Clarify Values|Replace Old Reactions|Practice New Responses|Address Stressful Situations|Follow Up and Model Good Behavior|Conclusion

Course Description

Negative co-workers can wreak havoc in the work environment. Morale plummets in their presence. Team members avoid them. There are ways to help co-workers become or even reclaim their best self, this video-based training course designed for the manufacturing industry provides techniques to build or rebuild positivity. One commonality shared by all bad attitudes is they can be reconstructed. Fixing a bad attitude starts with accepting you have one, sometimes this needs to be pointed out gently by another team member. The focus should be on changing behaviors not people. Enjoy this online training to uncover the challenges and solutions associated with reversing negativity. This training program encourages team members to take responsibility for improving their work environment. Participation helps improve existing bonds and create new ones.