Introduction|Dangers of Cleaning with Compressed Air|Using Compressed Air to Clean|Incident #1 – Debris Hazards|Other Hazards of Cleaning with Compressed Air|Incident #2 – Infection Caused by Compressed Air|Hearing Protection|Incident #3 – Hearing Loss|Inspecting Compressed Air Equipment|Incident #4 – Improper Fittings|Compressed Air Systems|Review

Course Description

This online video training educates viewers on the dangers of working with compressed air. Compressed air is the second most common way to power tools, but common usage does not equal safety unless proper procedures are followed. This video introduces real people who suffered serious injuries due to compressed air incidents. Viewers see what mistakes were made to cause the injuries and how to avoid similar accidents. Use this video to train employees on best practices for working with compressed air. Knowing and following proper safety procedures around compressed air helps to prevent serious injuries to employees.