Introduction|Bullying and Its Effects|Other Disruptive Behavior|Coaching Your Department About Bullying and Disruption|Handling a Report of Bullying or Other Disruption|Informal Responses and Awareness Intervention|Conducting an Investigation|Additional Levels of Intervention|Conclusion

Course Description

At least 65 million Americans say they have encountered a workplace bully at some point in their lifetime. A bully in the workplace can cause interference in the functioning of the workplace, disturb other coworkers, and compromise the health and safety of other employees. Managers, supervisors, and team leaders have a responsibility to recognize and deal with any instances of workplace bullying. This course discusses dealing with these problematic employees. It demonstrates bullying and its effects, coaching your department about bullying and other disruptions, handling a report of bullying or other disruptions, conducting an investigation, and prevention and intervention methods. Use this course in order to facilitate a greater understanding of appropriately responding to these types of issues within the workplace.