Introduction|Diseases Caused by Bloodborne Pathogens|The Exposure Control Plan|Routes of Entry|Occupational Exposure|Universal Precautions|PPE and Barrier Devices|Handling and Disposal of Sharps and Other Items|Exposure Response and Decontamination|What to do After Exposure Occurs|Summary

Course Description

This online training course provides safety precautions for preventing exposure to bloodborne pathogens. People often assume healthcare workers are the only ones at risk from exposure to bloodborne pathogens, but incidents occur in any workplace where transmission of disease and infection is possible. Using the “Universal Precautions” as described in this video should be part of your exposure control plan to fulfill OSHA’s bloodborne pathogen standard. This course provides an extensive explanation of diseases caused by bloodborne pathogens and how accidents can lead to transmission. Topics also cover the exposure control plan, universal precautions, Personal Protective Equipment and barrier devices, handling and disposing sharps, exposure response, decontamination, and post-exposure protocols. Use this training to create a safer workforce and meet OSHA standards.