Introduction|Bloodborne Diseases|The Exposure Control Plan and Occupational Exposure|Routes of Entry|Universal Precautions|Avoiding Contact to Prevent Exposure|Use of Barrier Devices|Safe Handling of Potentially Infectious Material|Decontaminating a Potentially Infected Work Area|Responding to an Exposure|Conclusion

Course Description

This course discusses bloodborne diseases and the best practices to avoid infection in occupational exposures. The facility’s exposure control plan, and the reasons for having one, is explained. This video-based course outlines bloodborn pathogens, their routes of entry, universal precautions and the means of avoiding contact to prevent exposure. The training specifically addresses preventing exposure to contaminated material or blood and the use of barrier devices for protection. The training includes information on the safe handling of potentially infectious material, decontaminating a potentially infected work area, how to respond to an exposure and biohazardous waste disposal methods.