Introduction|HIV, Hepatitis and Sources of Infection|The Exposure Control Plan|Labeling|Reducing Exposure: Work Practices|Reducing Exposure: Housekeeping|Reducing Exposure: Materials and Equipment|Personal Protective Equipment|Vaccination|Accidental Exposure|Post-Exposure Procedures|Conclusion

Course Description

Even though some things cannot be seen with the naked eye, they can still cause big risks to you and your wellbeing. Bloodborne pathogens, the disease causing microorganisms found in human blood, certainly fall into this category. Exposure to bloodborne diseases is a serious concern; as a result, OSHA has set specific guidelines and regulations for dealing with bloodborne pathogens in the workplace. This course shows how exposure to bloodborne pathogens can occur in the healthcare industry, and it explains how to deal with potential exposure, as well as how to best avoid exposure in the first place.