Introduction|How the Back Works|Problems|Diseases that Affect the Back|Healthier Back|Proper Lifting Techniques|Back Care is 24/7|Sleeping Properly|Treating a Bad Back|Review

Course Description

Our body’s flexibility and mobility depend upon a strong, healthy back. Yet, 80 percent of all on-the-job and off-the-job injuries involve the back or neck. Learn about the structure of the back, common types of back injuries, back diseases, and back health with this Video On Demand. Methods to protect the back by adopting good posture while at work, play and sleep are shared. Viewers learn ergonomic considerations for office work to avoid fatigue, overstretching muscles and causing back strain. Proper use of the legs, load assessment, mechanical aids and other safe lifting techniques to help employees protect their backs are stressed. Viewers learn about treating back injuries, including when it is appropriate to seek help from orthopedic doctors, chiropractors or physical therapists. Investing the time in this back safety training will save countless hours of pain, the frustration of injury and impairment, and many days of lost productivity for any employee.