Introduction|Internal Customers|Identify Your Customer|Determine Customer Needs|Make a Plan and Carry it Out|Show the Right Attitude|Follow Up and Measure Progress|Be a Good Customer|Customer Grievances|Conclusion

Course Description

Using a horror-movie scenario, this video training shows how awful our internal customer service can be. In an organization, employees are dependent upon each other to be able to perform their jobs, yet we lose sight of how important it is help our co-workers do their jobs. This Video On Demand stresses the importance of knowing who your customer is, determining what their needs are, understanding how they use your products or services, and finding ways to deliver more timely, efficient and beneficial service. Guidance is provided on how to respond to a customer with a grievance by cutting through red tape to find a solution. Viewers of this video better understand how the service they give to their co-workers has a direct effect on the company’s success and prosperity through its ability to serve its external customers well. Build a culture of caring, cooperation and quality by requiring this training during the on-boarding process and when employees are transferred or promoted.