Introduction|Adapting to Change|Involving Your Staff|The Change Cycle|The Ending Stage|The Neutral Zone|The Beginning Stage|Conclusion

Course Description

In the modern workplace, change is inevitable, and in an industry such as healthcare change can be particularly swift and far-reaching. This online video provides information needed for healthcare workers to deal with change, understand their reactions to change and use the upheaval and opportunities afforded by change to the best possible ends. The program cites three basic stages in how workers react to change: the ending stage, the neutral zone and the beginning stage. Once workers understand what to expect from these stages, they can manage change in a more productive manner. The training video shows workers how the power to deal with change is inherent and, when embraced, change can make them stronger and more valuable. By showing what change brings to a company and individual, the program demonstrates how easy it is to ensure change is for the best.