Introduction|#1 – High Values Awareness|#2 – High Values Accountability|#3 – Leadership By Example|#4 – Ethical Decision-Making|#5 – In-Sync Policies and Practices|#6 – Values and Ethics Education|#7 – Attention to Perceptions|#8 – Steady Incremental Change|#9 – Hire and Promote Ethical Employees|#10 – Recognize and Reward|Conclusion

Course Description

As a leader you must demonstrate your ability to act ethically if you hope to see your employees do the same. In this Video On Demand, Eric Harvey, author of Ethics 4 Everyone, discusses the ten characteristics of high integrity leaders. This video walks leaders through a set of ten behaviors which exhibit the type of honor and reliability a leader needs to develop an ethical workforce. Harvey stresses the importance of taking your organizational values beyond hanging a plaque on the wall by applying them to everyday decisions. Watch this discussion on ethical behavior of leaders and help foster a more productive workforce, while contributing to the long-term success of your organization.