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I once worked for a large company where all new employees went through a 3-day on-boarding process. We sat through videos on safety and compliance, though lectures and power point presentations. As proof we learned something, we filled out a work book for each section and signed it at the end to demonstrate that we’d completed the training.

Great. I remember nothing.

3 days of soul crushing boredom; of not doing the job I was hired for; of various human resources staff being taken away from their daily jobs to put on this on-boarding and training course. Assuming these same human resources staff members must do this training at least once a month based on the turnover rate that’s 36 days a year these staff members are not handling their daily responsibilities. That’s 288 hours spent on-boarding employees. Think of all the work that could have been accomplished in 288 hours. If that doesn’t help make the business case for online training, then let’s delve deeper into the reasons why your organization needs to implement eLearning.

Noteworthy Statistics

  • eLearning requires 40-60% less employee time than ILT in a classroom (Brandon Hall Study). Remember that story about 3 days of onboarding? With eLearning that training can be completed about 10 hours.
  • Retention rates are higher online at around 25-60% compared to classroom training at 8-10% (The Research Institute of America).
  • 42% of companies say that eLearning increased their revenue (Ambient Insight 2012-2017 Worldwide Mobile Learning Market-Executive Report). According to an IBM study for every dollar spent on training there is a return of $30 in productivity. Getting people back to work more quickly seems profitable.
  • Training employees online results in 26% higher revenue generated per employee (The Business Impact of Next Generation eLearning, 2011).
  • After taking their training online, IBM saved around $200M (IBM Study).

The statistics are impressive. Online training saves organizations time and money. So invest in a good LMS and get your training rolling with measurable results for learners and the organization.

Has your organization taken their training online? Tell us about your experience.


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