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The Future of Learning

Knowledge Direct Learning Management System combines advanced technology with user-friendliness, helping organizations develop rich, customized and social learning experiences that are accessible to anybody, anywhere.


Knowledge Direct Learning Management System

Digitec Interactive launched Knowledge Direct Learning Management System in 2005.


Our latest version represents a lot of research and development, based on years of learning technology design driven by adult learning theory.  Additionally, we kept an eye on the ease of use for Learning Managers, keeping our interface clean, accessible, intuitive, and responsive makes administrating our Knowledge Direct Learning Management System less a chore and more a joy.  The idea is to educate, not administrate.


It is easy to see when you add this up, delivering truly transformative learning experiences can be easy for you and your organization.

After delivering more than one million courses, Version 7 represents:

3 years



10 years


Award-winning learning Technology design

15 years

Interface Design

Instructional design

28+ years


In Biz, doin’ cool stuff

  • Competency-based learning

    Learning should lead to mastery. With the integrated competency engine, organizations can design learning paths that align with the competencies that matter.

  • Mobile-First User Interface

    Designed with a mobile first strategy to provide responsive design and extensive mobile browser support.  Anytime, Anywhere, on Anything.

  • Easy to use, easy to configure and quick to deploy

    We made it easy for learners, administrators and content creators. Create highly engaging experiences that are quick to deploy, with modular widgets that are simple to activate.

  • Social Learning

    Learning is social again with social network integration as well as built-in chat and real-time messaging.

  • Learning for everyone – Standards compliant

    Designed for 508/ADA and WCAG 2.0 accessibility, as well as global accessibility standards.


Knowledge Direct Learning Management System

Designed from the ground-up to meet the needs of today’s connected world.  Both the student’s portal and the administrative interface are designed mobile first allowing for all LMS activities to occure on any device, anywhere.  Imagine being able to answer a question in just a few moments with a customized report, right on your cell phone!

Knowledge Direct Learning Management System

Designed to meet or exceed industry e-learning and accessibility standards including ADA 508 and WCAG 2.0 , enabling organizations to ensure that no one is excluded due to a disability.

Knowledge Direct Learning Management System

KNOWLEDGE DIRECT LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is one of the most technologically advanced learning platforms, yet is easy to use, easy to configure and quick to deploy.  Light, Intuitive, Responsive, Accessible, Social… and so much more.

Knowledge Direct Learning Management SystemA number of social learning features are built into KNOWLEDGE DIRECT, allowing users to chat, join forums, create communities and share their knowledge.  Learning doesn’t have to mean independent study.

Knowledge Direct Learning Management SystemBecause no two learning experiences are the same, KNOWLEDGE DIRECT LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM enables a high degree of customization and configuration flexibility.

Knowledge Direct consistently receives high ranks from Tagoras, Talented Learning, and other leading analysts.


According to a recent Brandon Hall Group survey, 27% of people hate their LMS and 61% of companies plan to replace their vendor in the next 18 months, but Knowledge Direct clients won’t be among them.  Client retention at Digitec has, in some cases, exceed more than a decade of satisfied product and customer service.


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TECHIE TALK (for those who want the details)

The Knowledge Direct framework features a WCAG 2.0 compliant user interface that meets, at minimum, the AA rating of accessibility.

Designed from the ground up for mobile-first, KD:UI consumes and displays content that is internationalized and localized. This means that support for other languages and locales is built in. A simple preference click on any available option can switch the language KD is being displayed in, across the entire application.

KD has a decoupled modular architecture, comprised of encapsulated modules of functionality. The modular aspect allows Digitec to provide a very high degree of customization to its customers. This flexibility also allows new applications to be quickly deployed to the platform. This architecture also allows Digitec to rapidly deploy new features and functionality so that all of the clients are running the latest code.
In addition to the 508/ADA and WCAG 2.0 compliance support, KD supports the global learning standards, including Experience API (also known as xAPI), and SCORM 1.2 and 2004.
KD supports single sign-on API integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google, as well as LinkedIn. Beyond that support, KD has integrated social features that allow learners to create communities and share knowledge. Integrated social learning features include Forums/Threaded conversations, Blogs – delivered as a small feed on a learner’s public profile page and a real-time messaging system and chat.

Also, social is all about engagement, and the system enables learners to share events and activities, including badges earned, and course completions.


With Knowledge Direct Learning Management System’s diverse range of features, our Learning Management System thrives in a multitude of environments: Association, Medical, Hospitality, Corporation.  Combine this award-winning LMS with our award-winning Custom Course Content!