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You see this all the time. Your business leaders need training on a new product or initiative. Or maybe onboarding for an entirely new role. But you don’t have the staff, time or budget. Heck, you don’t even have time to keep all the existing courses updated! Change is happening so quickly that it’s almost impossible for anyone to keep up.


But what if you could do more with less – quickly creating training and managing updates to your existing training in less time? And what if this model would result in measurably more effective training? 


In this 45-minute webinar, we’ll follow real-world examples using Digitec’s 4-step training automation process.

Doing More with Les$ – 4 steps to Implementing More Effective Training:


  • Learning journey template to automate and accelerate onboarding
  • Event-triggered microlearning with feedback to identify content revisions
  • Spaced knowledge boosters to overcome the “forgetting curve”
  • $trategic reporting that ties training back to a return-on-investment

For more information please contact:
Jack McGrath

Melissa McCray